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STRIKING Popping Candy

Popping Candy is a kind of hard candy containing carbon dioxide. It was first offered to the public in 1970s. Yet without advanced packaging technology support to keep the popping effect, popping Candy had been once discontinued.

Aim to entertain your taste buds with popping sensation

STRIKING strengthened the stability of popping candy through uncountable researches, development and improvement of packaging technology. Finally, popping candy was successfully relaunched in the market.

Brand Image

To emphasize the image of being dynamic and energic, the first step was to rename the brand. In 2013, our products were renamed from “SHOCKING” to “STRIKING”. And now there are more than 15 flavors available in STRIKING Popping Candy.

Set off to the World

Until today, STRIKING Popping Candy is now available in almost 30 countries, from Asia to Europe, North America to South America and also Australia.

Diversified development

Entertaining and connecting with our customers is our mission. STRIKING not only expands its sales channels, but also participates in local culture development actively. Rather than focusing on snack product development only, STRIKING appears in Hong Kong hit movies such as The Midnight After and Vulgaria. Through these kind of marketing activities, STRIKING is able to entertain our customers and support the culture development.

Town Dragon Limited

STRIKING launches limited flavours and snacks catering the needs of different cultures and regions along with a series a marketing and promotion activities.


Actively developing and introducing different kinds of snack is one of STRIKING development direction which is to satisfy the taste buds of our supporters around the world.
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